The Birds of Prey Are A Stock And Historic Aircraft Reenactment Squad That Fly With Honor


The Birds of Prey fly with honor, fairness, and respect towards all other pilots

 whether that pilot is a squadron member or non-squadron member. As a Bird of Prey, you represent the squadron every time you fly.  All members are expected to act like gentlemen at all times and immature behavior will not be tolerated.

The Birds of Prey have a ZERO tolerance of cheats of any type.

 We are known among the best of the best within the flight sim community as a squad that has integrity. This is because our code is strictly followed. The Birds of Prey are known for our honor, fairness, and respect for all others in the flight sim world and we are proud of our reputation. This will continue as long as we conduct ourselves in a respectable way.


Commanding Officer



  Members of Birds of Prey shall observe the following conduct while in a public chat lobby such as the Zone or HyperLobby: 

          a. There will be no use of profanity, abusive language, or any form of threats.

          b.  Birds of Prey business shall only be conducted in the form of zone/page messages or in a                private chat room.

          c.  Flooding of any public chat lobby shall not be permitted.


  Cheats of any form will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the squadron. 

       a. Cheating also includes use of MODs, 

       b.  Birds of Prey use stock aircraft,  Changes to original files not allowed !



 All orders are to be carried out in a professional manner.  Senior officers have the right to give an order to a junior officer but must use common sense and diplomacy.  The junior officer shall obey that order.



  The chain of command will be followed at all times.



    Junior officers shall greet all senior officers with a salute (~S!) before conducting any type of conversation. This shows respect to the Birds of Prey and to the ranking officer.



    All Birds of Prey shall salute any other squadron pilots upon entering a room. 

(Example: "~S! All in the room." )



   All Birds of Prey shall be mature and gentlemen-like, whether you are 18 or 65. Childish behavior will not be  Tolerated.    




   . Attendance at scheduled meetings is MANDATORY for all Birds of Prey - No exceptions!

       a.  Extenuating circumstances do occur and that is understood, however you must email the CO or your   Division Officer explaining why you cannot attend.

       b.  You are expected to be on time for all meetings. 

       c.  Meetings represent a principal time when you should be serious about the task set before you.  Leaving  early, frivolous attitudes, and discourtesy reflect on your commitment to the Birds of Prey and your attitude  toward contributing to the success of the squad.



 All Birds of Prey are required to keep their current email address listed at either the Aerie or the RAG.  This is a serious issue as timely communication is the heart of any squad



  Birds of Prey SHALL NOT SHOOT Birds of Prey.

          a.   Participation in all Free For All games (FFA)  is permitted if Birds of Prey remove their       title. 

            (Example:  BPO6_GoldenWing becomes O6_GoldenWing)

          b.   When wearing their title, Birds of Prey will observe strict wingman discipline and squad   loyalty.

          c.    In IL2, titles cannot be removed and intra squad dogfights are permissible when approved by seniors



  Attendance at officially scheduled meetings/matches with other squads is MANDATORY.  If you cannot attend, you must email the CO or your Division Officer explaining why you cannot attend.  Official schedules will be posted at the Aerie or the RAG sites.  Each officer is expected to check these calendars regularly



Note: Remember that these games are for fun. When we are not in a squad event please have fun. When it is time to get down to business become serious about the task that is before you


Disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to:


            A. Verbal warning

            B. Written up

            C. Demotion

            D. Removal from Birds of Prey


249th IAP 
2nd Guards (2GVSAP)


il 2 skins




Tactical Air Combat